Rules & Regulations Policy


Report cards must be submitted to the faculty sponsor within three days of receipt. All players must have a 70 average or above in ALL classes – regular, resource, special education support, advanced, AP and IB for the 6 week grading period in order to participate in games or tournaments.

Players on “grade suspension” may continue to practice with the team. For those players on grad suspension, in order to regain eligibility, proof of grade improvement (school issued progress report) must be provided to the team’s faculty sponsor prior to participation in games or tournaments. During grade suspension, player will not be permitted to attend out of town trips or tournaments.


All players must report on time for all lacrosse practices, games and related activities, as designated by the coaching staff. A player should arrive to all activities so that he is ready to begin working out when the practice or activity is scheduled to begin. Extra Duty will be assigned for all absences, tardiness and early departure.

Penalties may also include NO PLAY. The only excused absence is a Bellaire High School class related activity. Injured players are expected to attend practice and must have a note regarding the injury. If a doctor’s note is sent limiting player activity, a doctor’s release is required for a player to return to play. A player is not expected to attend practice on a day he misses school.

Players must notify the head coach in the event they will be absent.


All players must display a positive attitude on and off the playing field. Negative attitudes are detrimental to the team and will not be tolerated by the coaching staff. Dismissal from the team is a possible result of this behavior.


Remember that you represent the lacrosse team – dress accordingly. All players must dress in team uniforms for all practices and games.

Game Uniform: Team jersey and shorts with white shirt underneath – tucked in or shorter than jersey.

Practice Uniform: Red shorts and plain/blank white t-shirt or team practice shirt. Socks and practice jersey with cleats (no metal spikes)

Game Day Attire: Athletic shirts with the Bellaire Lacrosse team logo to be worn to school on game day or the day before a Saturday game.


Players are to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at school and at school related functions. Conduct grades in each class must be excellent or satisfactory. Lower conduct grades may result in suspension until the situation is resolved.

Missed practice days as a result of conduct problems will be dealt with accordingly. Foul language on or off the field is unacceptable. After the second warning, the player may be removed from the game or suspended from the following game at the coach’s discretion.

Conduct at away games and in hotels is of extreme importance. Players are representing their teammates, their families, Bellaire High School, and HISD. Players are to treat bus drivers, hotel staff and rooms with respect. Players will be held financially responsible for any damages and/or excessive housekeeping required.

Team Cuts/Quitting

Should there be a high number of young men trying out for lacrosse, the coaches will employ the cut system. There will be a limited number of players on the Varsity team. Players not earning a spot on Varsity may play JV and work toward earning a Varsity position during the season. All players – Varsity and JV – understand playing time is dependent on skill, attendance, attitude, grades, and conduct. If a player quits during the Spring semester, returning to the team will be at the coaches’ discretion. Seniors may not compete at the JV level.


Parents are responsible for getting their child to practice and games or allowing their child to ride with another player or parent. Players attending out of town tournaments must travel and stay with the team throughout the weekend. No arriving late, leaving early or leaving field during a tournament.

Out of Town Travel/Trips

During tournament play and during other overnight team activities, obey curfew, be in our assigned room no later than 10:00pm and lights out by 11:00pm unless otherwise specified by your coach or faculty sponsor.

No females are permitted in our your room. No PDA’s (public displays of affection) during out of town trips. No possession of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco of any kind will be tolerated. Involvement with illegal substances may result in temporary suspension or permanent dismissal from team and school disciplinary action.