Payment & Refund Policy

No funds are contributed by Bellaire High School or HISD. The fees and donations are paid to Bellaire Lacrosse Club (booster club) which is a 501(c)3 charity, and which provides 100 percent of the financial support to the Bellaire Men’s Lacrosse Club.

The fees and donations go toward all costs associated with operating the team. These costs include items such as tournament costs, field rental, referees, practice/game equipment, uniforms, league dues, coaches’ stipends, team awards, and the year-end banquet. Bellaire Men’s Lacrosse is a completely self-supported through its registration fees and fundraising.

Player Fees

$850 – Returning Player

$1,100 – New Player (includes registration, uniform, equipment bag and helmet)


Player resigns on or before January 1, refund less $150. Player resigns after January 1, no refunds (barring unexpected medical issues)

PLEASE NOTE: All equipment, jerseys, shorts, shirts, pinnies and helmets must be returned from new players prior to receiving a refund. Returning players do not need to return gear or equipment prior to receiving a refund.

No refunds will be issued to players asked to leave the team due to disciplinary issues

Payment Options

Payment in full: Payable by check or credit card online

Payment Plan: Payments can be paid in 4 equal installments during the course of the season. Installment plans must be complete before the end of the season and set up online. A $50 fee will be added to total payments.

Bellaire Men’s Lacrosse greatly appreciates any additional donations which will help us provide our team with an excellent team experience. Thank you.