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The Bellaire Men’s Lacrosse Team is seeking donations for the 2023-2024 lacrosse season and we need your help. Coming off of a winning season where we competed at the state championships and made it to the final four, our team is preparing for a repeat with tough competition again this year. And to do that, we need support from families, friends and the community: YOU!

As a club sport at Bellaire High School, our team doesn’t receive any funding or financial assistance from the school or from Houston Independent School District. The funds to support our team come from our player dues, from parent donations and through fundraising efforts with help from friends and neighbors like you. These funds pay for fields where we practice, as well as the fields where we play some of our games as the Bellaire High School fields give priority to teams that are not clubs. The funds we raise also pay for umpires, transportation, coaching support, equipment and numerous other expenses.

Top 5 facts why we need you to support our Bellaire High School Men’s Lacrosse Team:

    1. As a club sport, we receive no money from our school or our school district so we must raise $40,000 annual for expenses for fields and equipment.
    2. Our teammates give back to the community by teaching younger boys all about lacrosse and sportsmanship at local public middle school lacrosse clinics.
    3. We provide peer tutoring to ensure our students are the best they can be. We focus on being students first and lacrosse players second.
    4. We welcome players from HISD Magnet schools where there aren’t lacrosse programs to join our team.
    5. Our head coach, who was named coach of our division last year, takes no money and instead coaches us for the love of the game, for growing the sport and because he knows what it means to the boys he mentors. Several of our teammates have gone on to play lacrosse in college and they return for a yearly alumni game. This team is that special.

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Donate any amount. Anything helps. We appreciate YOU!

donate a bucket

You’d be shocked at how many lacrosse balls these guys can go through in a season! Consider donating $100 toward a bucket of balls. But any amount you can share will help.


Bellaire Lacrosse Club is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations to Bellaire Lacrosse Club are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Bellaire Lacrosse Club’s tax identification number is 27-1884992.