COVID-19 Policy

The following are the 2020 BMLC team guiding principles in response to COVID. If players or parents are experiencing any Covid related symptoms, they should stay home from practices and games.


  • We have an infrared thermometer and will require all players / coaches to have their temperature tested before entering practice facilities (anyone with an elevated temperature will not be permitted to practice).
  • All players and coaches will wear face masks when entering and exiting the field / school property.
  • Coaches will wear face masks during practices and games.
  • Players will be required to socially distance when gearing up before and after practice.
  • Players will organize their gear bags in a specific area of the field, spaced out appropriately to minimize accidental / incidental contact between players.
  • All players will bring their own water bottles to practice, no sharing of water bottles between players.
  • A water station will be provided at practices to refill player water bottles, a coach will be assigned to refill bottles.  Players are not to refill their own bottle from the team water station.
  • We will have hand sanitizer available for players at the water station (manned by coaches).
  • We will schedule water breaks in groups of 10 and have an assigned coach monitor to ensure no bottles are shared (players MUST bring their own water bottles).  Coaches will continue to man the water station and refill the player water bottles.
  • New players will practice separately from returning players, all players will wear masks when not in drills.
  • We will run small group drills in practice to encourage social distancing.
  • Players will huddle by team and team huddles will be quick (only a minute or so).
  • Players are encouraged to bring their own bottles of hand sanitizer and keep in their gear bags.

Player Lacrosse Gear:

  • Washing gear - Parents / players are encouraged to wash their lacrosse gear every couple of weeks.  If you have a swimming pool, soak all equipment in the pool and the let air dry.  If no pool, fill a bathtub with warm water and add several capfuls of bleach.  Soak all equipment in the tub and let air dry.
  • After practices - Use a damp cloth to wipe all parts of the helmet, including the inside, the chin guard and the face mask. To prevent bacteria, you can apply a mild detergent to the cloth -- or use an antibacterial wipe, or sanitizing spray -- on the helmet’s inside. Air-dry the helmet.
  • Gear bag - Remove all equipment from the bag after games and practice, and air the bag out. To prevent fungus and bacterial growth, wipe out the bag with a damp cloth, and spray with sanitizing spray. You can also wipe the bag out with a sanitizing wipe. Be sure to air-dry the bag. For really dirty bags, wash them in a machine on the delicate cycle using cold water.

CDC Updates:

Link to some of the most current information & guidelines from the CDC

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