About Us

The Bellaire Men’s Lacrosse Club is a 100% volunteer run and self-funded high school sports team. As lacrosse is not recognized by the state of Texas as an official UIL sanctioned sport, all activities and support must be generated by the club. The club’s operating funds are established without profit through dues, team-based fundraising, merchandise sales and individual/corporate donations.

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Proceeds from fundraising, sponsorships and donations directly benefit the players in their participation, health and team success. The following represent how funding is utilized:

•       Player scholarships for needs-based dues, equipment and league fees

•       Field and officials fees

•       Health and safety equipment and quality of on-site sports trainers

•       Tournament participation through payment of fees/registrations

•       Team apparel including uniforms, equipment bags and tournament wear

•       Coaching stipends and awards to offset travel, meal, and mileage expenses

Rules & Regulations

Payment & Refund Policy