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"Life lessons, not just lacrosse lessons." Get better as a person, a player, & a teammate.

Join the team that plays with heart and hustle. 

About The Team

Bellaire Men's Lacrosse is led by Head Coach Nick Ignatiev, a Bellaire High School alumnus. He took over the team for the 2018 season, going undefeated in District III and making it to the Championship Game while being voted Coach of the Year for DIII. 

Players attending Bellaire, Westbury, Sharpstown, and Wisdom High Schools are eligible to attend (if not zoned to a closer school with a team). If attending HSPVA, Carnegie, DeBakey, Challenger, or the Energy Institute but zoned to Bellaire, you can also play for us.

bellaire lacrosse team

Why Play For Us?

Our team looks to teach life lessons, not just lacrosse. We teach our players to play with heart and hustle, work together, and stay disciplined to accomplish goals. Players will have an opportunity to earn Varsity letters and be a part of a team. No experience is necessary. Many players have never picked up a stick until starting high school.

The best part is being part of team, bonding with your teammates, and creating life-long memories as you work hard to improve physically and mentally. Our coaches work to help beginner players and develop more advanced players to succeed at the next level.

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Who Do We Play?

Bellaire Lacrosse is part of the Texas High School Lacrosse League (THSLL). We play in the South District, Class C South Division

Our Division includes Lamar, St. Thomas, and Clear Springs High School. Other Class C opponents in the North Division include George Ranch, Magnolia, and Westside High Schools. 

Coach Nick will schedule all South and North division opponents and usually includes tougher teams on our schedule from the Class B Division.

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Practices & Games

Practices are three times per week in the Fall semester and move to five nights a week (Monday - Friday) beginning in January. Practice are held near Bellaire High School at St. Thomas Episcopal High School.

Our home games are played at Houston Baptist University at Husky Field. The lacrosse season officially begins in mid January and all regular season games are played by mid April. 

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Watch Our 2022 Season Highlights